There are many offenses that are considered to be white collar crimes, and they will always be nonviolent. They will be financial in nature, and usually committed in a business environment (Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement). The difference between regular theft and white collar theft is that force or fear is used in the commission of a regular theft. White collar crime is different. This crime is the use of trickery or fraud rather than force or fear to convince an individual to entrust money or property to the accused

There has been a boost in law enforcement teams concerned with white collar crimes due to an increase in many types of fraud in recent years. In times of financial stress, the incidence of white collar crime often increases, as people become short on cash. Common forms of white collar crimes include larceny by false pretenses, embezzlement, trickery, and fraud. These are known as the common law offenses. Other white collar crimes include real estate fraud and construction fraud. Defending a white collar crime is different from building a defense for someone charged with a violent crime. The bigger the amount in question, the greater the chances of punishment. The consequences of a white collar crime are very serious and could permanently alter your life. Therefore, it is crucial to find attorneys who will defend you more even vigorously than you will be prosecuted.

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