Mark Anthony Raimondo is a Proven Criminal Defense Trial Attorney. Mr. Raimondo earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University, and his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law. For the past fifteen years, Mark Anthony Raimondo has worked passionately and successfully in the field of Criminal Law. Mr. Raimondo has handled over 6000 criminal cases, and he has conducted over 75 Criminal Jury trials ranging from misdemeanor cases all the way through the most serious felony cases including 1st degree murder trials. Click Here to see our Recent Results.

“We believe that among the most important things to look for when selecting an attorney is the attorney’s actual experience, things like how many jury trials have they won, how many cases like yours have they successfully handled, and how do they treat their clients.”

Criminal Defense Attorney in Bakersfield CA

You also need to be able to TRUST your lawyer.   Your attorney should be available to you to answer all your questions, and to earn your respect.  At the end of the day, never forget your attorney works for YOU.

Mr. Raimondo has been able to procure hundreds of dismissals over the years for his clients. Any law firm can make empty promises about the outcome of your case, but the Raimondo Law Firm offers a proven track record of outstanding results. In fact, an overwhelming majority of our cases are resolved to the client’s satisfaction without ever going to trial. See Recent Results. There are many attorneys with pretty internet sites, catchy slogans, and fancy advertising schemes, but with no substance on how they are going to PROTECT YOU.

You would never hire a surgeon who has never conducted a surgery, but it is funny how many people hire an attorney who has never even tried a single jury trial.  It is also important to know that your attorney has both the experience and reputation to help you get the deal that you may want or to fight for a dismissal.  What DA would respect an unproven advocate?  How can an unproven advocate properly advise you as to the intricacies of your case?

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