Sex offenses are aggressively prosecuted and heavily punished in California. All DA’s dream of making their reputation on Sex Cases.  Often times they ignore the obvious. Overzealous DA’s and Police Agencies get caught up in getting a conviction– at any cost. Investigations are conducted with a pre-drawn conclusion, and they have even been known to ignore evidence of a suspect’s innocence.

These are not the type of cases that anyone should trust with an amateur defense attorney. Mark Anthony Raimondo has handled over 100 sexual assault cases in his career.  Mark has defended these cases at every level from misdemeanor conduct up to and including the most complex felony child-molestation allegations.  Mark has gotten dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts because he understands the flaws that are involved in the “investigation” process, and he has been successful at uncovering ignored evidence and evidence that the “victim” is lying.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct are typically charged as felonies, though some lesser offenses are charged as a misdemeanor. When a sex crime is charged as a felony the punishment can involve years of prison time. If an individual is accused of a violent or multiple offenses, he or she could be facing a life sentence.  Most sex crimes require mandatory registration as a sex offender, where an individual’s status as a sex offender is shared with the public via the internet \”Megan’s List\” and alerts such as “Amber Alerts”. If convicted, an individual must register as a sex offender every year for the rest of his or her life.

The fact that the victim is lying does not matter. Once the DA, the Police, and Child Protective Services, hears about any accusation, it is treated as absolute truth.  Each day that passes allows the government to strengthen its case without anyone working to clear your name. Mr. Raimondo has years of experience defending people charged with all types of sex crimes and understands the importance of a fast reaction time.


The sex offenses that require life-time registration can be as minor as solicitation of a prostitute. Most all felony sexual charges require life-time registration. Even misdemeanors like public urination, indecent exposure, or having sex with a minor may require lifetime registration.   The truth is that any crime can be registration eligible if the Judge believes that the crime was caused by some motivating sexual impulse from the accused.  If your crime is on “the list” of mandatory registration, you need to protect yourself with a strong defense through a good defense lawyer.

The sooner you contact the Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo, the faster our team can begin to investigate, and prepare your defense.  Early investigation and preparation will enable us to achieve the best results for you. Your defense should not wait until charges have been filed. If you are under investigation or have learned of accusations call us immediately.  The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo understand the highly sensitive nature of these cases.  We are prepared to meet with you in a highly confidential environment to answer all your questions, and begin to fight your case on every level.

If you, or someone you know, has been accused of a sex crime, it is necessary to secure knowledgeable and experienced counsel as soon as possible, even if you are just under “investigation”. CONTACT Mark Anthony Raimondo for a Confidential and Free Consultation (661) 827-8000