In April 2011, eighteen year old Saul Gonzalez was arrested on chargers of Murder in the First Degree along with various Assault and Gang Allegations. The prosecution of Mr. Gonzalez arose out of a late night fight that occurred between two groups of young men. During the fight several people were stabbed including a fourteen year old boy who was stabbed in the neck and pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Gonzalez was tried as an adult for the murder of the young teen. He was tried under the theory of 1st Degree Murder with a Special Circumstance that the murder was done for the benefit of a criminal street gang. The mandatory sentence for such a charge is Life Without Parole.

After a five week jury trial, The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo is proud to announce that Mr. Gonzalez was found NOT GUILTY by the Jury on all counts as well as all of the enhancements. Mr. Gonzalez was released from the Kern County Jail shortly after the verdict was read.

Nancy Gonzalez, Saul’s Mother stated, “It all happened so fast, that I was not able to make it to the court in time to hear the verdict.” Mr. Raimondo called Nancy moments after the verdict was read. ” I just kept saying, thank you God, that you Mr. Raimondo, thank you, I have been praying for this for a long time, thank you.”

Saul and Mr. Raimondo enbraced each other as the unanimous verdicts were being read aloud in open court. “I was relieved after I heard the Not-Guilty Verdicts on all the Murder Counts, and very pleased to hear the Not Guilty Verdicts on all the remaining counts as well,” said Mr. Raimondo. He continued, “It has been a lot of hard work and Ihave really come to care for Saul and his family.”

Prior to the incident in 2011, Saul was an Honor Student finishing up his High School Studies while working full time to help support his mother and younger siblings. Mr. Gonzalez had recieved a National Scholastic Award in 2009 recognizing him for his creative writing talents. He also had no prior significant criminal history. Since his release, Saul has reunited with his family and is working towards entering college in the upcoming year.

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