Being accused of a drug related offense is common in our society today. Our local, state and federal governments pour billions of dollars into the notion of a “war on drugs” often in violation of a person right to be free from unlawful search and seizure. if you have a reasonable expectation of privacy…and the police unlawfully invade or interfere with that right and if certain conditions are met, a strong case for dismissal may be possible. With the right lawyer, an aggressive and effective legal defense to a California drug charge is possible. An experienced attorney can thoroughly analyze your case and determine the most effective strategy to challenge the charges against you.

Whether your charge is possession, sales or any other charge involving methamphetamine, powder cocaine, crack or base cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or PCP, it\’s possible to mount a strong defense with the help of the right attorney. Mark Raimondo is well-versed in every aspect of fighting drug charges, and will thoroughly review the evidence in your drug case and develop a cutting-edge strategy to fight any charge. A drug conviction carries extremely harsh punishment and can include fines, asset forfeiture, registration as a narcotics offender and jail or prison time, so it\’s essential that you act decisively by assembling a strong defense team.

Some drug cases should be taken to trial, while others may be favorably resolved with skillful negotiations and possibly alternative sentencing. Some forms of alternative sentencing that may be available to help you avoid incarceration in a drug case include deferred entry of judgment (DEJ), Proposition 36, and drug court. A California drug charge can negatively impact every part of your life, but fortunately you can aggressively fight your case with the help of a skilled attorney. To learn more about strong defenses to felony or misdemeanor drug charges contact the law offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo.


Drug offenses are punishable with incarceration, but in some cases it’s possible to obtain alternative sentencing that can help you avoid all or part of a jail sentence. Skilled attorney Mark Anthony Raimondo is knowledgeable in every type of alternative sentencing and can help you to understand your options.  This may include an evaluation by a qualified substance abuse expert may help persuade the court that you and society could benefit far more from alternative sentencing than from jail.

Three types of sentence alternatives that may be available in your drug case are a deferred entry of judgment, or DEJ; Proposition 36; and drug court. Each has its own requirements and merits, and what’s available to you will depend on the facts of your case.
  1. Deferred entry of judgment, or DEJ: provides many defendants an excellent outcome to their California drug cases. A defendant seeking a DEJ pleads guilty to the drug offense and then is allowed to withdraw the guilty plea 18 months later if certain requirements are met.
  2. Proposition 36: mandates treatment rather than incarceration for certain first- and second-offense low-level drug charges. Although Prop. 36 isn’t available to everyone, for many defendants it has provided a life-transforming opportunity to get clean and seek freedom from active addiction.
  3. Drug court: emphasize treatment over incarceration. Drug courts combine intensive treatment and social services with strong oversight by a judge and probation to ensure that defendants are complying with program requirements.

If you’re a non-violent offender charged with a drug offense, one of these alternative sentencing programs may offer a viable alternative to a jail sentence. Mark Anthony Raimondo can assess your case and determine if your facts meet the qualifications for one of these alternatives. The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo are available 24/7 at (661) 827-8000