No other crime is a hotter topic among Judges, District Attorneys and Law Enforcement Officers than Domestic Violence. The DA and Judges received extensive and often mandatory training on how to prosecute and punish these types of offenses. Regardless of the “victim’s” wishes, these cases are aggressively prosecuted. The Kern County DA’s Office actually receives special funding to relentlessly pursue domestic violence charges, and they have specially assigned prosecutors that handle these cases exclusively. Who do you have on your side?

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to domestic violence. Did you know that even an allegation of domestic violence from years ago may be admitted to a jury in any new domestic violence case, even if the old case was dismissed!! Did you know that even if your domestic partner comes to court and tells the judge that you “did nothing wrong and that this is all a mistake”,


It is not enough just to tell the DA that “she is not pressing charges”. The DA could care less. Actually, they like it better when the “victim” story changes, in that it supports their theory of ongoing abuse.

Domestic violence means causing or attempting to cause bodily injury, and/or sexual assault against a spouse, a former spouse, a person you are dating, a person with whom you are living, a person with whom you used to live and/or a person with whom you had a child. If police are dispatched to a domestic violence call, someone will probably be arrested. Police will tell you that if they are called they are required to arrest somebody. All it takes is the accusation of one person to get a report made and charges filed. Even if an accuser tells the police he or she does not want to press charges, often times the charges will be filed anyway. People are arrested even though they didn’t intend to have anyone arrested when they called the police. Domestic violence can occur merely by threat of violence, or can involve physical injury.

If there is a police report that says domestic abuse happened, the District Attorney will seek prosecution, and a criminal conviction. If you or someone you love is charged with any form of domestic abuse, you need an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. Someone who has proven success at getting these types of cases dismissed or reduced. A conviction for domestic violence has lasting consequences that can affect your freedom, your right to see your children, your right bear arms, your professional licenses, and your future employment. You need and experienced attorney on the case early.

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