Recent Awards

2015-2016 | Awarded   “Nation’s Top One Percent” – National Association of Distinguished Counsel
2012-2016 | Awarded “Client’s Choice Criminal Defense”
2015-2016 | Awarded “National Top 100 Trial Lawyers”

Being charged with a crime can be one of the most traumatic events in anyone’s life. We understand what you are going though, and we are here to help. Our primary purpose for all our clients is simple: to PROTECT you, your reputation, and your freedom. With an impressive record of dismissals, not guilty verdicts, favorable plea agreements, and over 15 years of Criminal Trial experience, Mark Anthony Raimondo has the reputation, the experience, and skills necessary to protect you and your loved ones from all types of criminal accusations.

Mark Anthony Raimondo is a criminal defense and trial lawyer in Bakersfield, CA. That does not mean every case needs to go to trial. But you do need a lawyer who has a proven reputation to get the police, or other government agency out of your life. Mark is recognized and respected by judges and prosecutors alike as a tenacious advocate, and by his clients as someone who genuinely cares. From DUI misdemeanors, through the most complex murder accusations, we have the time, experience and concern necessary to fight your case at every stage.

If you or your loved one is accused of a crime, under investigation, or already incarcerated, TIME IS of the ESSENCE. The sooner a real attorney can get on your case, the better chance you will have at fighting back the criminal charges you are facing.  We pride ourselves on working hard, and getting favorable results.

Attorney Mark Anthony Raimondo has an impressive record of dismissals, not guilty verdicts, favorable plea agreements, and over 15 years of Criminal Trial experience. A graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law (J.D. 98), Mr. Raimondo does one thing and he does it well. Our Law Firm has the reputation, the experience, and skills necessary to protect you and your loved ones from all types of criminal accusations. See Recent Results.

Recent Reviews

David R - Criminal Defense client

Our experience with Mark Raimondo and his staff was very pleasant.  I would definitely refer anyone to Mark Raimondo’s law office.

Greg A - Criminal defense client

I had a great experience & outcome with Mr. Raimondo & his staff.

Summer Baker - Criminal Defense Client

Mark is AMAZING, he is so devoted to his clients! I hired him to represent my misdeaminor case a couple of months ago and I honestly wish he did family law because he is such a trustworthy lawyer.

T.J. Esposito - Criminal Defense Client

Gave me another chance. I Thank Mark Raimondo every chance I get for fighting for me. Your case is in good hands with this guy.

Steven - Criminal Defense Client

Great experience! Wonderful attorney! Mark is a wonderful attorney! He is very knowledgeable and prepared a great defense for my preliminary hearing.

Dennis C - Criminal Defense Client

Mark saved my butt!!! Didn’t know it at the time,but the day I met Mark Raimondo would turn out to be one of the luckiest days of my life.

Eric S - Criminal Defense Client

Mark A. Raimondo is a very good Felony trial lawyer. I highly recommend his services.

Sukeyda - Criminal Defense Client

A True blessing. I would highly recommend mark for a lawyer he is so awesome. Price was also awesome Thanks Mark.

Brandy - Criminal Defense Client

Professional & Worth every $. Soooo many thanks to the Raimondo Law Office!

Mark - Criminal Defense Client

If you’re in serious trouble call Mark Raimondo. THE BEST AT ANY PRICE. Everything was handled very professionally. If you need a criminal defense lawyer he’s the best.

Theodore - Criminal Defense Client

He not only became my attorney but a friend too. Definitely highly recommend him. 5 stars!

P.S. - Criminal Defense Client

The Lawyer You Need! There are a few things that are important to have, a great lawyer is one of them.

Gene - Criminal Defense Client

We hired Mr. Raimondo to help us with a very serious criminal offense for our daughter. Mark came highly recommended and now I can see why. She is home with us, and doing well. I cannot stress what a blessing it was to have Mr. Raimondo on the case.

Jason - Criminal Defense Client

Mark was fantastic. He always returned our calls no matter how dumb of a question we had. He kept all of his promises to us and was able to get my felony case dismissed in a quick fashion. I would highly suggest him.

Anonymous - DUI Client

I felt like Mr. Raimondo really cared about getting the best outcome for my DUI. I had a lot of questions and Mark carefully listened to each of them and didn’t make me feel like I was wasting his time, like some other attorney’s made me feel after meeting with them.

Wendy - Criminal Defense Client

When I was searching for an attorney for my son I prayed for Gods wisdom and came across Mr. Raimondo. He saw me right away and even though he did not have much info about my son’s case he showed me that he was interested in helping.  Thank you for taking the time to hear my pleas for help and doing your part to help. I appreciate you so very much.

Chris - Criminal Defense Client

This is the guy to go to if you get into any trouble and your trying to get the less amount of time.I was charged with multiple DUI’s, evading, and assault on a police officer. Ended up pleading no contest on DUI and evading but only had to do 18 days and 6 months house arrest instead of there 2 years deal they wanted to give me all thanks to mark.

Anonymous - DUI Client

Mark helped me with a DUI and a felony that could have put me away for years. This guy is a dam good lawyer. Not only did he keep me out of jail but his fees are reasonable and he really cares about his client . I highly recommend him.

Dennis C - Criminal Defense Client

Need a lawyer? Get this guy! My wife got into trouble and was begging me to bail her out. I ended up meeting a man who introduced me to Mark. The way that he presents himself lets you know that he knows the law and has been doing this for sometime.

Lena - Criminal Defense Client

Mr Raimondo was recommended to me from a friend. Two of my four children unfortunately needed legal services this summer. Mark spoke to us , explianed what was happening , the proceedures , the charges , and our options. He then gave us a discounted rate for representing both kids. Thank you Mark , you helped my family through a very stressful time, and both cases had happy endings NO JAIL TIME !!!

Susan J - Criminal Defense Client

Mr Raimondo is an exceptional Attorney. He represented my husband and did an excellent job, needless to say we won our case. Mr Raimondo was there every step of the way , he kept us informed about all that was happening . if I ever have need of an Attorney again Hes the man for the job.

Reggie - Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Mark A. Raimondo is one lawyer i highly recommend if you are in need of an attorney. He is EVERYTHING you can ask for in a lawyer. Level headed. Down to earth. Knowledgeable. Very Trustworthy. I begged and pleaded with my family to hire Mr. Raimondo over Mr. Sala.

Sam - Criminal Defense Client

Mark did a great job defending me in my case. Very knowledgeable, professional, and fair with pricing. He helped me tremendously and I can’t thank him enough! I highly recommend him if ever you’re in need of a great, affordable lawyer!

Steven - Criminal Defense Client

Mark is a wonderful attorney! He is very knowledgeable and prepared a great defense for my preliminary hearing. He knows his stuff and he is worth every penny! Would definently go to him again if I or anybody I knew ever got in any trouble!!

James - Criminal Defense Client

I hired Mr. Raimondo to handle my case where I was charged with Assault with Deadly Weapon and Brandishing a Knife. I cannot thank Mr. Raimondo and his staff enough for believing in me, and caring about my case and my life. I highly recommended him.

We pride ourselves on working hard, and getting favorable results at affordable prices. We offer numerous payment options and a free no obligation consultation if you or your loved one is in trouble. Early intervention and vigorous preparation IS CRUCIAL. The Law Offices of Mark Anthony Raimondo are available 24/7 at (661) 827-8000